Scanterm is a small linux utility to monitor your virtual terminals. This would be well suited to a server which displays various running programs on different virtual terminals.

To use, just specify a series of terminal numbers (the same as the F-numbers when you press ALT-F?? to switch to them) to display:

./scanterm 1 5 9

You can also specify forwards and backwards ranges, or specify a terminal multiple times:

./scanterm 1 3 1 3 4-7 1 3 10-8

Finally, you can alter the wait interval in 1/1000th second increments with the -w switch:

./scanterm 1 -w1000 5 6 4 -w10000 8

Here, terminals 5,6,4 wait for 1 second, 8 for 10 seconds, and 1 for 5 seconds (the default).

Since this reads private devices, scanterm must be run as root. (You can inspect the code yourself to convince yourself it does nothing harmful!)